Gram / Hire me (/)

First of all, thank you for your consideration. Job hunting is like dating. We're both looking for a perfect match. You to fill in a position with someone smart and friendly, I to join a team where I'll fit. So, let's try to learn about each other as much as we can before any commitments. Below are some of my expectations from my job, current or future.

🇳🇱 visa

I need Dutch visa sponsorship. Check if your company is in the public registry. If it's not, I can't work for you.

🧠 knowledge domain

I'm a senior software engineer and my career is focused on solving difficult technical issues, like distributed, real-time, high-scale, and high-complexity systems. If all you have is a small web application, I won't fit into your team. I'll be bored, and you will pay for a more expensive engineer than you actually need.

🔧 languages

I write in Python, Go, and Elixir. I can time-to-time dig into codebase in any language you have but I won't enjoy writing on PHP or JS regularly.

💎 values

The thing I value the most is passionate and smart software engineers around me, who know the cost of complexity and want to deliver a high-quality product.

🏢 office vs remote

I prefer a flexible approach with a focus on the remote. I come into the office when I know I need to talk to someone in person. In all other cases, I work from home. At home, I'm more productive, and focused, save a lot of time and energy on my commute, and still can call people if needed. I'm open for 100% remote positions too.

💵 salary

The more the merrier. I expect fair compensation that matches my skills and experience, so I feel strange when I'm asked how much I want. Since the market changes rapidly and your interview might be the first one I had in a while, I might not know yet how much exactly this is.

🤝 recruiting agencies

I can work with third-party agencies, but please, tell me upfront what companies you hire for. Even before we had the first call. Let's value our time. I promise not to apply to them past you and not sell this sacred knowledge to anyone.

🕵 learn more

The best place to learn about me is my website ( which lists most of my open-source projects, skills, and work experience. I also have CV but it's just an abridged version of the website. Press ctrl+P to generate PDF.

📞 contact

Now, you know a bit about what I expect. Do you think you know a place where I fit? Then let's talk about you! The best way to contact me is by email: I'll be waiting for you ♥️