Gram / Work (/)

8. Sendcloud | 2022-08 — now

Principal Software Engineer

  • Maintain and empower the Django monolith
  • Plan and lead the way to microservices
  • Lead lots of initiatives about code safety and maintainability
  • Design and optimize high-load components of the system
7. Nicolab | 2020-10 — 2022-08

Senior Software Engineer

  • Develop and maintain most of Python and Go components of the project
  • Ensure code quality
  • Redesign the project architecture
  • Design, deploy, and maintain GitLab CI pipelines
  • Do numerous knowledge sharing sessions, mostly on advanced Python
  • Research and introduce new services, like Nats, Argo Workflow, Fluentd, StatsD
  • Colaborate with AI engineers to ensure we deliver safe and reliable ML models
6. EclecticIQ | 2019-05 — 2020-10

Senior Software Engineer

  • Research and develop text processing solutions (OCR, NER)
  • Apply AWS solution (SageMaker, Textract, Comprehend)
  • Build OpenAPI system and documentation for all endpoints
  • Discover, report, and fix vulnerabilities in the platform
  • Create CI/CD pipeline on Gitlab CI
  • Research and develop new REST API (based on JSON:API)
5. Cindicator | 2018-06 — 2019-02

Senior Python developer, architect

  • Create Spotify's Luigi based ML pipeline
  • Rewrite trading platform that retrieves information from cryptocurrency exchanges, pass it into strategies, get a prediction about cryptocurrencies prices and make trades
  • Make simple trading strategies
  • Improve testing practice, write a lot of tests
  • Integrate code quality solutions on CI, create style guides
4. Smena | 2017-05 — 2018-06

Django web developer (Python)

  • Build monitoring system
  • Refactor report service (performance is increased from 12 hours to 90 seconds)
  • Develop Flask-based microservices
  • Support and improve big Django-based monolith
  • Analyze customers' data for marketing purposes
3. Frodex | 2017-04


  • Integrate Postres-XL
  • Build JS obfuscator on Python (my dark past)
  • Work with phisycal servers on CentOS
2. Life4Web | 2016-01 — 2017-05

Founder, Django web developer (Python)

  • Organize a team, manage tasks
  • Discuss projects details with clients
  • Choose technical stack for projects
  • Develop Django-based backend
1. USATU | 2015-05 — 2017-05

Researcher in Department of Linguistic Communication and Psycholinguistics.

  • Research language influence measurement
  • Apply Claude Shannon's information theory to natural language analysis
  • Build programs and web services for text analysis
0. USATU (education) | 2013-09 — 2017-09

Bachelor of Information Security.

  • Participate in CTFs as a team lead
  • My graduate thesis is about building automatic vulnerabilities aggregation system and matching them with installed packages on a server
  • Have a red diploma (almost all marks are "excellent")